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About Us

Aluminum Industries, a division Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc., is one of the world's largest companies in the aluminum products business, as well as the premier designer and manufacturer of aluminum formwork systems. Nearly 40 years ago as a new business, Aluminum Industries manufactured products for the concrete construction industry. Today we produce and ship over 30 million construction accessories a year and over 200,000 aluminum products to the construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical industries throughout the United States and Internationally.

Ross & Orval - Aluminum Industries

It started in 1976 when Orval Engelken and Ross Worley, two men with extensive knowledge of the construction and aluminum industries, chose to pursue the American Dream. They left long and successful careers, one a national sales manager and the other an aluminum product design and manufacturing expert, knowing they could do a better job.

Three principles guided them:
• Produce the best quality and most labor friendly aluminum products.
• Offer unsurpassed customer service.
• Provide it all at a competitive price.